Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quick and Dirty

Well, Rice has only beaten Texas once in over forty years. But every once in a while a scrappy Rice Owls team gives Texas a scare.

Kevin R - Marathon | Bib 568 |
Lake Jackson, TX - USA | Male | Age 48
Start 6:59:17 AM
10K 00:40:08
Half 1:24:53
30K 02:01:01
Finish 02:51:42

Chip Time: 02:51:42 Clock Time: 2:51:46 Pace: 6:32.9


Chris Field said...

Freaking awesome man! What was your old PR?

Steeeve said...

Way to go Kevin!!!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

yeah! congrats there!!!!!!!

what a beautiful day to be out racing, possibly the best this season!

June said...

Way to go nuke runner!! i guess i saw you finish but didnt know it!!

Gettin Older said...

Congrats! I was wondering how you did...

Willis said...

Holy crap Nuke. That's an incredible time you put up there. 2:50!?! If it weren't for Kayry smoking the course, you would have been a contender for prize money!

Congrats on an awesome race as well as your incredible 10th Houston marathon. Truly unbelievable on both accounts, and I wish I had a better day out there so I could have caught you in person a the end to congratulate on your fine race.

Please elaborate on your race later in the upcoming week - I'm dying to know how it felt for you to be flying out there!

Great job -

GB said...

Jeez Louise! You smoked that marathon Nuke. I always knew you were fast, but wow, YOU ARE FREAKING FAST! I'm so happy for you. Congratulations on a really, really great race.

Wonderduck said...

Well, I already told you congrats after the race. You looked great - very happy. Next time, though - no 5's (Laughing Face)

Boston for you???