Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just a Cruel Tease

I went to Vermont last weekend and was able to run in some nice cool temperatures. But my trip was shortened and I wasn't able to run much. I did run a very disappointing 19:02 at a little 5K Saturday evening. It was a relatively flat course (for Vermont) and I really should have run much faster. The temperature was a nice cool 63*F with a few light sprinkles. My fingers even felt cold while running!

I was able to squeeze in a run Sunday evening on some mountain bike trails in Colchester Vermont.

Monday morning I ran a few miles to Burlington and got to see Ethan Allen's gravesite.

My original schedule had me watching one of my pumps from the power plant get reassembled Monday and Tuesday and flying back Wednesday. But the pump was finished early on Monday and with Alex we decided our time in Vermont was over. I missed my Tuesday run, spending much of the day changing my flight to get back home. I didn't get home until early Wednesday morning and by Wednesday evening the storms from Hurricane Alex had rolled into the area, so I blew off another run.

The wonderful cool Vermont weather ended up just being a much too short tease. I'm back in the South Texas tropical sauna, getting doubly soaked with the warm rain from the remnants of Hurricane Alex. I'd hoped the Vermont trip would lift my spirits and help motivate me through the rest of the summer. But I feel as unmotivated as ever now.