Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Training Log for 2008

I admit it. I'm also so anal I keep three running logs. I keep a good old fashioned paper log based on the old log Runner's World gives away. I made my own version in MicrosSoft Word and print out enough pages to fold over and staple together for about a year and a half. Here's an example. My current log has a laminated page of the McMillan Running Calculator as a cover.

I keep two Excel spreadsheet logs. The first one I started almost ten years ago and tracks mileage. My other Excel spreadsheet log is one published by David Hays. It keeps track of mileage, times, race performances, etc. It's formatted for one year, so I start a new one each year (the reason behind this post). I modify it to include more Pfitz-like training run descriptions, more shoes, and a few other things. I learned quite a bit about Excel by changing this log. Here's the offical version:
David Hays Log Page
And here's a Blank Copy of My Version

Here's a calendar-based spreadsheet log (month-at-a-glance): Blank Monthly Log
I haven't used this log, but I like all of the information that's displayed on a one month sheet. This spreadsheet was created by "fat pumpkin", a very talented marathoner from Louisiana.

Here's what the log looks like with the fat pumpkin's data: Monthly Log Example

Edit 3/27/09
I just started using the on-line log at RunningAHEAD. I really like the way this site integrates data from a GPS. Here's one of the charts from a recent 4x800/400 interval workout:
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