Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Frustrating Week

Here's my fourteenth week of training for Houston '11:

84½ miles for the week (December 27th to January 2nd)

M: 12½ at 8:22 mpm, 54ºF at 2PM (day off from work)
Tu: 7¾ at 7:28 mpm, 61ºF at 4AM
W AM: 7¼ at an average of 7:25 mpm, 66ºF at 4AM
W PM: missed
Th: 10¼ at 7:19 mpm, 67ºF at 3:30AM
F: 15 at 7:48 mpm, 72ºF at 4PM
Sa: 10¼ at 9:10 mpm, 57ºF at 6PM
Su: 21½ at 7:18 mpm, 53ºF from 2PM

I messed up again this week with four days of fairly hard runs in a row, but missing the interval session again. I had planned on running the track Wednesday evening but never made it. So I got up early Thursday morning to put in some more miles. But that left me dragging on a warm and humid Friday. At least Sunday's long run wasn't too bad.

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Bert said...

Impressive mileage - you should be quite confident & run a great race if conditions are good. Hope the organizers can dial up a day like yesterday (Saturday) with low humidity, almost no wind & very cool...