Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bad Week to Be a Nuke Runner

It was a tough week at the nuke plant and that meant training suffered.
Here's my sixteenth week of training for Houston '11:

51 miles for the week (January 10th to 16th)

M AM: 6¾ at 8:35 mpm, 44ºF at 4AM
M PM: missed
Tu: 8¾ at 7:16 mpm, 41ºF at 3:30AM
W AM: 5¾ at 8:13 mpm, 32ºF at 4AM
W PM: missed
Th: 7¼ at 7:05 mpm, 36ºF at 4AM
F: 12½ at 7:14 mpm, 56ºF at 4PM
Sa: 10 at 8:22 mpm, 64ºF at 10AM
Su: missed

I had to work late Wednesday and missed Wednesday evening's track work. That really messes up the week's schedule. I decided to run hard Thursday morning, hoping to complete a hard day before an easy day Friday and a local 10K Saturday morning. I was supposed to evaluate a test at the nuke plant Friday, but it was delayed, so I squeezed in a medium long run late Friday afternoon, giving up on the 10K race. I ended up working all of Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning and then headed back to the plant again Sunday evening, completely missing the last long run before Houston.

The weather forecast for January 30 is a little worse now, same low temperature near 40, but now a north wind near 10 mph:

AccuWeather's forecast is similar to the model, but with a lower, more easterly wind.

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