Sunday, January 30, 2011


The rain wasn't bad but it was a little too warm and humid for me. I started out too aggressively (6:43s) and crashed and burned for a 3:02.

Here's the final story on the weather:
Hobby Airport
0653 64F, dewpoint 60F, Mostly Cloudy, wind East 3 mph
0753 64F, dewpoint 60F, Light Rain, wind SouthEast 5 mph
0853 65F, dewpoint 61F, Light Rain, wind South 6 mph
0953 66F, dewpoint 62F, Light Rain, wind South 9 mph
1053 67F, dewpoint 63F, Overcast, wind South 8 mph
1153 67F, dewpoint 64F, Light Rain, wind South 10 mph with gusts to 18

No thunderstorms during the race, but we did have a big thunderstorm at home in LJ near the Gulf, with over an inch of rain in a few minutes.

The award for the best forecast goes to the raw computer models. The models first identified the incoming low pressure and its effect on moisture levels and were closest to the actual temperatures. The 84-hour ETA/NAM was remarkably close.
The worst forecast? That one has to go to Frank Billingsley. His forecast for low 50s was way off the mark.

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