Friday, January 14, 2011

First Forecast

Here is the first forecast for January 30, Houston Marathon Day:

This one looks good with the temperature near 40 and the wind less than 6mph, but you know it will change.

I found the old elevation map Runner Triathlete News made when the marathon changed to the new course (with the Heights):

My week hasn't been too good. I came home from the power plant too late and missed another Wednesday evening track workout. Now I'm not sure whether I'll have to work during Saturday morning's race at Surfside.

Here's the starting list for the USATF Half Marathon Championship; looks like a good field:

Open Men's Half Marathon Championship
Abdi Abdirahman Nike
Austin Baillie unattached
Brock Baker unattached
Matt Barrett unattached
Brennan Benkert unattached
David Berdan Keystone Track Club
Fasil Bizuneh New Balance
Kyle Brady unattached
Trent Briney unattached
Warren Brown unattached
Daniel Browne U.S. Army
Ian Burrell unattached
Gian-Paul Caccia New York Athletic Club (NYAC)
Michael Chavez unattached
Robert Cheseret unattached
Joe Driscoll ZAP Fitness
Josh Eberly Brooks
Jeffrey Eggleston unattached
Jimmy Elam unattached
Chris Erichsen unattached
Donovan Fellows unattached
Jason Finch unattached
Matthew Folk unattached
Matthew Forys New York Athletic Club (NYAC)
Kenneth Foster U.S. Army
David Fuentes unattached
Matthew Gabrielson Team USA Minnesota / Reebok
Gus Gibbs River City Rebels
Dan Greeno unattached
Jason Griffiths unattached
Paul Guevara The Georgetown Running Company
Ryan Hall Asics
Nick Hird unattached
Paul Jellema unattached
Bryant Jensen Utah Elite
Leo Kormanik Atlanta Track Club
Roland Lavallee New Balance Boston
Jason Lehmkuhle Team USA Minnesota / Saucony
Craig Leon unattached
Scott MacPherson unattached
Tyler McCandless unattached
Joshua Moen Team USA Minnesota
Mike Morgan Hansons-Brooks Distance Project
Jose Munoz unattached
Skyler Nesheim unattached
Kenyon Neuman unattached
David Nightingale unattached
Miguel Nuci unattached
Oscar Ogwaro unattached
Jason Ordway unattached
Joshua Ordway unattached
Justin Patananan unattached
Joshua Perrin unattached
Kevin Pool River City Rebels
John Poray unattached
Eric Rasmussen Team Nebraska Brooks
Christopher Reis unattached
Bobby Reyes unattached
Sergio Reyes unattached
Patrick Rizzo unattached
Mikhail Sayenko Club Northwest
Patrick Smyth Nike
Erik Stanley unattached
Daniel Tapia unattached
Jorge Torres Reebok
Mohamed Trafeh Nike
Juan Carlos Trujillo Bowerman Athletic Club
Ryan Vail Brooks
Brent Vaughn Nike
Justin Young unattached

Open Women's Half Marathon Championship
Lindsay Allen McMillan Elite
Ann Alyanak RUNOHIO Racing Team / Brooks
Sarah Bashinski-Flament RUNOHIO Racing Team / Infinite Running
Addie Bracy unattached
Serena Burla RIADHA
Kelly Calway U.S. Army
Dawn Charlier unattached
Kelly Chin unattached
Caitlin Chrisman unattached
Michelle Corrigan unattached
Abby Dean unattached
Esther Erb ZAP Fitness
Robyn Friedman unattached
Zoila Gomez unattached
Clara Grandt RIADHA
Amy Hastings Brooks
Jennifer Houck unattached
Nan Kennard unattached
Loretta Kilmer RIADHA
Magdalena Lewy Boulet Saucony
Kaci Lickteig Team Nebraska Brooks
Katie McGregor Team USA Minnesota / Reebok
Dot McMahan Hansons-Brooks Distance Project
Sally Meyerhoff unattached
Nina Miller unattached
Erin Moeller unattached
Tera Moody unattached
Kristen Nicolini Team USA Minnesota / Saucony
Ruth Perkins Club Northwest
Jackie Pirtle-Hall unattached
Emily Potter U.S. Army
Danielle Quatrochi unattached
Jennifer Rhines adidas
Lindsey Scherf unattached
Cassandra Slade unattached
Kara Storage RUNOHIO Racing Team / Infinite Running
Tara Storage RUNOHIO Racing Team / Infinite Running
Leah Thorvilson unattached
Kayte Tranel Team Nebraska Brooks
Heidi Westover unattached
Caroline White U.S. Air Force
Melissa White Hansons-Brooks Distance Project
Kelly Williamson unattached
Heather Wood unattached

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