Monday, January 10, 2011

Finally Some sub-MP Running

Here's my fifteenth week of training for Houston '11:

84¾ miles for the week (January 3rd to January 9th)

M AM: 6¾ at 8:29 mpm, 42ºF at 4AM
M PM: missed
Tu: 9½ at 7:13 mpm, 62ºF at 3:30AM
W AM: 7¼ at 7:38 mpm, 72ºF at 4AM
W PM: 7 at an average pace of 7:02 with 6x1,200/400rec (1,200s at 4:32, 4:31, 4:30,4:30, 4:29, and 4:25), 57ºF at 7PM
Th AM: 6¼ at 8:28 mpm, 51ºF at 4AM
Th PM: missed
F: 15 at 7:10 mpm, 70ºF at 3PM
Sa: 10¾ at 8:37 mpm, 58ºF at 2PM
Su: 22¼ at 7:31 mpm, 53ºF from 2PM

At least I finally ran a speed workout. The 1,200s weren't fast at all, but I'm happy to have finished them. I've been worried about the stress of running that fast on the track (my left knee still gives some occasional niggles) but there were no problems. I used my old Saucony Fastwitches; they still feel good with over 600 miles on them.
Just three more weeks before Houston.

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