Thursday, January 20, 2011

M-10 Forecast

The GFS 16-day model still looks decent with the temperature in the 30sºF and a moderate North wind.

It doesn't look as good now at Accuweather:

Saturday Night:
Low 51ºF, Rain, Wind South at 8 mph with Gusts to 22
High 69ºF, Showers, Wind South-SouthEast at 8 with Gusts to 20
The Global Forecast System 16-day model doesn't show anything above 50ºF near January 30th in Houston. I don't know how Accuweather is coming up with that forecast, but I would not like running the marathon in that weather.

The Weather Channel's forecast is closer to the GFS model, but still has some showers and is warmer:

Saturday Night:
Low 43ºF, Showers (60%), Wind East at 6 mph
High 62ºF, Partly Cloudy, Wind North-NorthEast at 10

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Neeraj Rohilla said...

Accuweather updated their forecast. It looks good now.