Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weary Week 13

Here's my thirteenth week of training for Houston '11:

77 miles for the week (December 20th to December 26th)

M AM: 5¾ at 8:49 mpm, 66ºF at 4AM
M PM: missed
Tu: 7¾ at 7:25 mpm, 67ºF at 4AM
W AM: 6¾ at 7:34 mpm, 65ºF at 4AM
W PM: missed
Th: 11 at 7:18 mpm, 59ºF at 10AM (day off from work)
F: 15 at 7:10 mpm, 65ºF at 10AM
Sa: 9¾ at 9:03 mpm, 38ºF at 10PM very easy after eating all day
Su: 21 at 7:32 mpm, 48ºF from 2PM

This was not a very good week. I messed up running four days fairly hard in a row, but missing the hard runs I actually need (namely 6x1,000 on Wednesday). My left knee has started bothering me again and I've been hesitant about running fast. This week's schedule calls for a race Saturday, but there are no New Year's Day races down here. The local college kids are talking about a 2-miler on the track Saturday afternoon; I might have to try and run that one with them. I really need to bear down and run a decent LT this week.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Unbelievable mileage you get in. How do you keep that up? Especially after working nights!!!
When I work nights I feel like a zombie. What is an LT run? How do you run at 9pm- treadmill?

Yeah I'm trying to choose a marathon pace too. Hoping for my first sub 3hr marathon. It's tough with all the variables. Weather, race shoes, the extra mileage of a marathon. You want to get the best time possible, but not crash at the end. I guess it's best to start conservative then give more at the end if you have anything left. I hear lots of people say the marathon starts at mile 20.

Anyway, keep up the good running and blogging.

PS. How do you know when shoes are too old, i see in your log you have over 1000 miles on some pairs. Shoe companies aren't gonna like your data!


Nuke Runner said...

Thanks...LT run stands for a lactate threshold....usually about 4 to 7 miles at about 10-mile race pace. The only training book I've ever read is Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning; he gives a pretty good explanation of the purpose of LT runs.

As my shoes get older, I usually notice I start getting lower leg pains. When I notice the pains I start looking for new shoes. Now I wonder if my left knee problems might mean my shoes are going?

Good luck with the sub-3...there should be a good group of people going for it this year.