Monday, December 20, 2010

Houston Marathon Training Week 12, 6 More Weeks to Go

Here's the twelfth week of training for Houston 2011:

84 miles for the week (December 13th to December 19th)

M: 10 at 8:25 mpm, 53ºF at Noon (day off from work)
Tu: 10 at 8:27 mpm, 68ºF at 11AM (day off from work)
W: 15 at an average of 7:13 mpm, 73ºF at 3:30PM (day off from work)
Th: 6¾ at 8:22 mpm, 67ºF at 4AM
F: 15 at 7:10 mpm, 59ºF at 1PM
Sa: 10 at 8:27 mpm, 48ºF at 9AM
Su: 17¼ at 7:19 mpm, 63ºF from 9PM after Christmas shopping all day

This was another week of deviating from the old Pfitz schedule. The30K race last Sunday is a big stresser and I didn't want to risk pushing too hard too early. I blew off the 600s scheduled for Tuesday and substituted another recovery day. The schedule had an 8 to 15 Km race scheduled for Saturday, but substituted a fairly hard medium long run on Friday. Sunday's long run took some motivation. I'm glad that one's done.

It's race preparation time. I think I need to focus on completing more of the LT and interval runs. I just haven't felt comfortable running faster than MP and running them solo down here even makes seem even more difficult.

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