Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Olympic Trials Marathon and Houston Marathon T-10 & M-11 Weather Forecasts

I had more trouble with my knee and rested nearly all of December. The knee still doesn't feel right, but I'm trying to start running again to prepare for Boston. My running has been disappointing, but I'm still excited about the Olympic trials. The course is a little strange with lots of turns (way too many?), a little loop downtown and then three loops out to Shepherd and back to the GRB on Memorial and Allen Parkway. Here's a cute little animation showing the expected progression through the loops with the women's later start time.

It''s still early, but here's the forecast for the trials and the Houston Marathon.

The GFS 16-day model shows a nearly perfect Saturday for the trials with the temperature in the 40sºF and nearly no wind. Marathon Sunday looks more iffy, with a South wind and the dew point soaring from the 30s well into the 50s.

The forecast looks much worse at Accuweather:

Friday Night:
Low 43ºF, Shower late, Wind South at 6 mph with Gusts to 12
High 69ºF, Rain, Wind South at 8 with Gusts to 21

Saturday Night:
Low 38ºF, Partly Cloudy, Wind West-Southwest at 10 mph with Gusts to 24
High 51ºF, Sunny, Wind North-NorthWest at 19 with Gusts to 41!

The Weather Channel's forecast just goes up to Friday night. It agrees more with the 16-day GFS model:

Friday Night:
Low 40ºF, Partly Cloudy (0% Precipitation), Wind from North at 3 mph


Bert said...

Nice animation! I am trying to decide on a good spot to take photographs, might try the u-turn on Waugh. Very odd course layout.

Nuke Runner said...

I was thinking about watching from Studemont/Montrose. I think it's going to be very difficult to run that course with all of those hairpin curves.