Sunday, January 15, 2012

For the Record

Conditions ended up being pretty good for both the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon and the 2012 Houston Marathon.

For the 2012 Houston Marathon, conditions at Hobby Airport were:
10:53 wind SE 6 Vis 10 Mostly Cloudy 64°F 51°F dew point
09:53 wind SE 5 Vis 10 Mostly Cloudy 58°F 49°F dew point
08:53 wind SE 3 Vis 10 Mostly Cloudy 52°F 46°F dew point
07:53 Calm Vis 10 Mostly Cloudy 43°F 39°F dew point
06:53 Calm Vis 10 Partly Cloudy 39°F 36°F dew point

For the 2012 Olympic Trials, weather conditions at Hobby Airport were:
10:53 wind W 8 Vis 10 A Few Clouds 56°F 30°F dew point
09:53 wind W 8 Vis 10 A Few Clouds 51°F 33°F dew point
08:53 wind SW 5 Vis 10 A Few Clouds 44°F 34°F dew point
07:53 wind SW5 Vis 10 Partly Cloudy 35°F 29°F dew point

I took some pictures during the OT race and posted them here.

My camera isn't very good and the battery ran out, so several of these are from my phone.


kayry said...

I think I would have preferred the Trials Weather for Sunday - ended up pretty humid on Sunday - not so bad in the 40s but not quite ideal either.

Nuke Runner said...

Saturday was very nice. The Gulf air was streaming in Sunday; it was already 47 down here on the coast when the race started. But given the warm winter we've had, a dew point below 50 is pretty good.