Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Stress Run

Nothing really to report on training today; just an easy 7.5 miles. I ran this one with sunglasses even though it was overcast with occasional light rain.

One of my son's best friends died this morning. He was shot almost a year ago by a sniper. It started on March 5th last year when we got this email " sucked pretty bad we were on a mission and somebody got hurt pretty bad. i am not a religious person but some one needs to pray for him. i cant say his name cause i'm sure his family hasn't been notified yet. i heard he is still alive and he is in surgery right now. i will be glad when i'm home for leave. talk to you soon-k"

Later we discovered he was in a coma at Walter Reed. That he was able to make it back to the US was a miracle. For months he seemed to be slowly recovering. He married his fiancee and his son was born. This morning he died.

Dayton, Ohio Newspaper Tribute

Leaving cookies out before a barracks room inspection. The note reads, "Please take one, baked with love.".

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GB said...

Okay, my heart just sank as I read this post. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll be praying for his wife and baby, and for all those that love and miss him.