Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday Tempo Run: Still Under the InFLUence

I woke up in time to run my full tempo run (a mile warmup in my neighborhood and then my "Dow Course", for 5¾ miles total). Today the "Dow Minus" two-mile splits were 13:18 and 13:15. I'm still not in the 12s yet, but I didn't expect much with a persistent strong cough and sore throat. There were no niggles at all from my legs today. It was a little warm again, 65°F at 4AM with a fairly strong SouthWest wind.

I saw a co-worker out running and a woman out walking this morning. Pretty good for 4AM!

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Faithful Soles said...

Take it easy with that sickness, and great job on the mileage last week. I am still hobbling around a bit from the Austin Marathon on Sunday, but I'll live. Thanks again for linking your blog to our Running Blog Database on the main Faithful Soles web site. I have gotten a lot of good feedback about what you post.