Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Short Tuesday Tempo Run

I slept in too late this morning to be able to run my full tempo run (a mile warmup in my neighborhood and then my "Dow Course", for 5¾ miles total). I just had enough time to run to the 2 mile split on the Dow Course and back (I call that my "Dow Minus" course). Last week's 2-mile splits were 13:13 and 12:50. Today I had to include a warmup in the first two miles, so I ended up with 14:04 going out and 12:39 coming back. The 12:39 was just 3 seconds off my world record for the course. I was worried about my right leg, but it feels OK. It was a little warm, 61°F with a West wind that made it feel warmer on the way back.

I just heard my son is getting medically discharged from the Army. He's had problems with his hearing after an IED detonated just across a road from him back in April, but I guess the Army medical exam finally caught up with him. I'm not sure how to take this. I'm relieved he won't be deploying to Iraq again, but the long-term prosepcts for his hearing don't sound good. We knew he had pretty severe hearing loss on the left side (the side facing the explosion), but he failed on his right ear too.


GB said...

I will be thinking good thoughts for your son. I hope he's doing ok with the medical discharge and all. He certainly served our country proud and I, for one, am extremely grateful!

Nuke Runner said...

Thanks. He is happy to be able to return to civilian life earlier and he's talking about going to college now.

Steve Bezner said...

Running is so insignificant compared to the sacrifices they are making. Your son is one of many heroes. Please pass it on to him.