Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Another Tuesday Tempo Run

I haven't run a short race (5K to 10K) well since 2004. I was looking at my training log from that year and noticed I did a pretty fast tempo run every Tuesday morning for several weeks. I'm going to try that again. Tuesday morning's tempo run was a little better. I ran a mile in my neighborhood and then my "Dow Course", for 5¾ miles total. There's a split at 2 miles on the Dow Course. Yesterday the splits were 13:13 and 12:50. That's a little better than the 13:32 and 13:13 from two weeks ago. But I have to work harder to get to where I was in 2004 when I was consistently running splits in the 12:40s. It was a very nice morning: 48°F, no wind, and plenty of light from the half moon.

The Surfside Marathon this Saturday has already reached its cap, so I won't be running the half. I'm still not sure if I'll volunteer at the local Surfside race or drive up to Houston and run the Park to Park 5-Miler. I want to support the local race but I also would like to help out the Tornados with the HARRA Spring Series.


GB said...

Nuke, those are some great splits. Good tempo run!!! Thanks for answering my question regarding higher mileage. After Boston I'm going to go to a higher mileage training plan. I'd like to break 3:30 sometime this year! Breaking 3:25 would even be better.

GB said...

Hey Nuke, thanks for visiting my blog! The recovery time between the .63 loops was 2-1/2 minutes of brisk walking. I'll tell ya' I really like running speedwork on streets rather than the track, but I can't wait to get back to the track to see what my improvements are there. Hopefully better!