Monday, February 19, 2007

Last Week: Training Around Influenza

37½ miles for the week

M – 4 miles, recovery run, pace 8:41 minutes per mile, 63°F at 4AM
Tu – 4 miles tempo run, average pace 6:41 mpm with the last two miles in 12:39, 61°F at 4AM
W – 5¾ with 3x1Mile/400rec, 7:14 mpm overall pace (Miles in 6:01, 5:59, and 5:55), 42°F at 7PM
Th – slept in
F - 10, 7:07 mpm with a mile at 6:37 thrown in, nice and sunny but cool, 46°F at 4PM
Sa – ill with flu-like symptoms, sore throat, cough, and a fever of 103°F The sore throat started Friday evening
Su – 13¾, average pace 7:43 mpm, nice and sunny but cool, 56°F at 1PM. I felt much better Sunday. I started out slow with a sore throat and cough, but I was able to pick up the pace quite a bit later on in the run.

Most of the cubicles at work today are echoing with coughing. I think everyone picked up this illness. The only person who called in sick was a kid just out of college (he wasn’t here during the layoffs).

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GB said...

The flu stinks. It knocked me down for a couple of days. I hope you get better soon.