Monday, January 29, 2007

Last Week's Training: Too Much Time at Work and a 10K Race

32¼ for the week

We were working a large pump and spent most of the weekend at the power plant.

M – 4¾ miles recovery, average pace 8:29 mpm, 53°F at 4AM and occasional light rain
Tu – 4¾ miles fairly hard, average pace 6:42 mpm, 47°F at 4AM overcast, felt really good
W – 4½ miles general, average pace 7:56 mpm, 45°F at 9PM
Th – slept through my 0350 alarm
F – beautiful day but I was stuck at the power plant
Sa – 7 with a 10K race at 6:24 mpm , 56°F with some occasional light rain
Su – 11¼, average pace 7:18 mpm, 54°F at 4PM sunny and nice

I was pretty disappointed with my performance in the 10K race. It’s tough to be happy when you run a slower pace in a 10K race than the pace you ran in a 30K race the month before. I'm going to have to get serious about running some more faster-pace workouts. I seem to breakdown every time I try to run faster than 6:20 miles.


GB said...

I'll take your 6:20 miles anyday Nuke! I know what you mean though. I feel like I train so hard, and then I ran a 5K last week and thought I'd definitely make it in 21 minutes. NOPE, finished in 22:19. I was disappointed, but I know there'll be more races to run.

GB said...

P.S. I'm thinking about switching to Pfitz. I see you've had a lot of success with it. So truly the higher mileage WILL produce faster times??? Please give me the lowdown, because I want faster times. The plan I'm on now only goes as high as 55-60 mpw. Thanks in advance!

Nuke Runner said...

Higher mileage has really helped me, but much more for the longer races. I used to run marathons much slower than what my 5Ks and 10Ks would predict. Now I'm much more balanced.