Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Little Better Tuesday Tempo Run

This was another full tempo run (a mile warmup in my neighborhood and then my "Dow Course", for 5¾ miles total) with the concentration more on the two 2-mile segmengts, similar to last week. It was even warmer this week, 71°F at 5AM, with a fairly strong South (Gulf) wind. The "Dow Minus" two-mile splits were 12:26 and 13:03. The "Dow Minus" total was a season's best 25:29, and my third best ever, less than 5 seconds off my personal world's record. Not too bad for a warm, humid, and windy day.

We're supposed to get a cool front on Friday so Saturday's morning low might even get all the way down into the upper 50s. Maybe there's still hope for this Saturday's 5K?

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GB said...

Good thoughts for your 5K on Saturday. Looking forward to your report.