Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boston Numbers Are Posted

The bib numbers for the Boston Marathon have been assigned. I'm so jealous I can't go. We're going to be refuleing one of the nuclear plants in April, so no vacation is allowed for nuke runners.

I'll be here

Instead of here

Some great Boston Marathon Maps

Me and the Citgo sign back in 2005 ( Team Hoyt in the distance too)


GB said...

That is a bummer that you can't be there in Boston this year! But duty calls. Thanks for keeping me motivated to train hard this cycle. I can only dream of being as fast as you!

GB said...

You updated the pics! I like that Citgo sign! I can't wait to see Team Hoyt at the expo. Amby Burfoot posted the Seminars Schedule on the Boston Marathon thread today. I still can't believe I'm going. I need to pinch myself awake.

Nuke Runner said...

They really are an inspiration. I passed Team Hoyt on the little hill just past Cleveland Circle before mile 23. I think they were fairly close behind me for a while after that because the crowds around the street were really loud for the next couple of miles.
I grew up watching that Citgo sign during Red Sox games, it's a real landmark. You can first see it not far after heartbreak hill. It's in Kenmore Square, and marks the "1 mile to go" point.