Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bottomlands Park

Most of my daylight runs have been in Bottomlands Park. Before I went to college in Houston, I always thought of Texas as the dry, treeless grasslands around Amarillo. As I drove from Denver to Houston, that impression went away pretty fast, especially past Dallas down I-45. Bottomlands Park is nearly the opposite of Amarillo. There's just a mile long asphalt path, but there are several dirt trails that can be combined to give a good 2½ mile loop. Here are some pictures from an easy run on Saturday.

This is the asphalt trail where it goes up and down over a river dyke:

The warning is real

This is a harmless little blotched water snake (?I think?)

No gators today, but a few turtles were hanging out

Where I grew up, ferns grew on the ground

Certainly never on tree branches

I love running the dirt trails (at least until the banana spiders and mosquitoes take over)

I tried using a stump and the self-timer to show some fool running down the trail

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GB said...

Wow Nuke, what a great place to run, except for the snakes an gators of course! I sure do miss trail running. No trails around here. :(