Monday, March 26, 2007

Last Week's Training: Another Mediocre Race

45¼ miles for the week

M – 0 miles, sleep, 67°F at 4AM
Tu – 5¾ miles tempo run, average pace 6:59 minutes per mile (mpm) with the measured “Dow-Minus” two-miles in a wind-aided 12:20 and a 13:18 into the wind, 67°F at 4AM and Windy [S-B/Dow]
W – 5¼ miles with 3x800/400rec, 8:06 mpm overall pace (800s in 2:55, 2:51, and 2:48 but I ran them in lane 4 so the actual 800s were a several seconds faster than these times) , 70°F at 7PM with steady rain [B’Wood HS]
Th – 4¾ miles, recovery run, pace 8:47 minutes per mile, 68°F at 4AM [Dow]
F - 7½ miles recovery run, average pace 8:51 mpm, humid and windy 76°F at 4PM [SeaC/Ntrail-MBT/SeaC]
Sa – 8¼ miles, with an 8K race at 6:14 pace, mostly cloudy and humid 72°F at 8AM
Su – 13¾, average pace 7:32 mpm, 76-77°F and humid, mostly cloudy from Noon. [PlantBridge//SeaC/Ntrail-MBT-2x(2M-MBT)/SeaC]

The Law Week 8K Race in Downtown Houston on Saturday went OK. I always enjoy running this race, but that didn't help me break out of this slump though. I’ll give it another try this weekend with a 5K either in Bellaire or locally in Brazosport.

I ordered some new shoes last week, but haven't received them yet. I think I'm starting to feel the old shoes in my lower legs.


GB said...

Did I read that right? 6:14 pace for the 8K Is mediocre? No way! Man, that's fast! I'm curious, what is your 8K PR?

Nuke Runner said...

I've run this race six times before this year; two of the previous races were in the 30:40s. I guess the race this year wasn't too bad, especially considering the warm, humid, and windy conditions. But my longer races predict much faster times for an 8K.