Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trying to Come Back Again

My left knee is still causing problems, but I was able to squeak through the Heights 5K this morning. I've never run this race before, but it's a good one. The course is a simple run down one side of tree-lined Heights Boulevard and then return up the other side. Hobby Airport had a decent 76°F, with a dry 65°F dewpoint (nice and dry for a June race) at 7:53 AM.

Shortly after crossing the finish line, both of my calf muscles cramped. After a 5K! I need to start some tempo runs and intervals.

I know it's crazy to drive over 100 miles for a twenty minute race, but I get stale if I just run week after week without racing. I'm always inspired just talking to other runners. Nearly all my Houston running friends were there and I even got to meet some new people.

My little old Queen Anne Cottage in Glen Rose looks like a hovel compared to the grand Victorian mansions in The Heights.

The crushed granite trail down the median of Heights Boulevard.


KG said...

Glad to see that you're back out there. The path in the picture reminds me of Blackstone Blvd in Providence, which is one of my all time favorite places to run... Keep posting!

Nuke Runner said...

That's a nice little trail in the middle of Houston.