Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At Least the New Pump Is Running Well

I was at the power plant most of the day Friday and into Saturday morning getting my new million dollar pump in service. I slept right through Saturday morning's Freeport 5K. It was probably just as well that I did, because my knee was still bothering me when I ran a few miles Saturday afternoon. On Sunday I decided to dump the cautious approach and run fairly hard and fast. I felt great for the first six and a half miles, but in the last mile the left knee started bothering me again. I had to work Monday night to support testing a steam turbine driven pump, so I skipped running until now. I'm thinking about testing the knee again Thursday morning. We'll see.

I stumbled across this Boston Marathon race report from a sub-elite runner (courtesy of GB). I thought it was interesting to hear a Boston story from the elite runner perspective.

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