Sunday, April 19, 2009

Down Hard

I've taken workdays off the last couple of weeks hoping to resolve the problem with my left knee. But the knee felt even worse last Sunday, so I'm in an eleven day period of complete rest. I missed a local 5K Saturday, but I'm looking forward to the 5K coming up in Freeport. I won't run again until Friday, so it won't be much of a race.

This was supposed to be my year to run the Boston Marathon. There's no Spring refueling outage at the power plant so I thought I could get vacation in April. But we're installing a new million dollar pump this week so no vacation allowed for me. I guess it's just as well. I'd really be miserable running Boston on this knee.

Ready to put the new pump into the building

My knee feels pretty good now. I feel like like I'm in taper, I have so much energy built up. I want to go out and blast a 10-miler. But this week is still recovery and installing the new pump.


Mir said...

I hope the knee is better after some time off! Boston next year?

Nuke Runner said...

I'd love to run Boston next year. If there's any way I can get vacation I'll go.

KG said...

I came across your entry on Heidi Westerling and thought you might appreciate my race report and pictures from the Boston Marathon. I was at the 20 mile mark. Check out if you'd like. Keep on running!

Nuke Runner said...

Thanks KG. Those are awesome pictures from 30K/20M. I really enjoyed seeing them!