Monday, December 10, 2007

Week 13: Last Tune-up Race

85¾ miles for the week

M AM – 6¾ miles recovery run, average pace 8:37 mpm, 56°F at 4AM [SB/Dow/BS]
M PM - missed
Tu – 15 miles, average pace 6:51 mpm with the last four miles sub-6:30 pace, sunny and very nice, 60 to 62°F starting at 12:30, Vacation Day [SeaC/NtrailMBtrail-3x2MMBtrail/SeaC]
W AM - 10¼ miles general aerobic, average pace 7:32 mpm, Vacation Day, another nice sunny day, 72°F at 11AM [PlantBr//SeaC/NtrailMBtrail-MBtrail/SeaC]
W PM – 7¼ miles, 6x1,000/400 recoveries, average pace 7:06 mpm, 1,000s progressively faster from 3:39 to 3:30, 64°F at 7PM [B’Wood track]
Th AM – missed (slept through my alarm)
Th PM - 7¼ miles recovery run, average pace 8:25 mpm, 70°F at 9PM [SB/Dow-MacL/SeaC]
F AM - 10 miles, fairly easy general aerobic, average pace 7:38 mpm, 78°F starting at 10AM, windy and humid [SeaC/NtrailMBtrail-2MMBtrail/SeaC]
F PM - skipped for the upcoming 30K race
Sa – 7½ miles recovery run, average pace 8:39 mpm, 79°F at noon, humid and windy [SeaC/NtrailMBtrail/SeaC]
Su – 21¾ miles, with a 30K race at an average pace of 6:42 mpm, 71°F to 74°F from 7AM, mostly cloudy with occasional sun, the dewpoint near 70°F, and a moderate SE breeze [Sugar Land]

Sunday’s 30K race was tough; just way too warm and humid. My shoes were completely soaked with sweat in the first loop. I knew it was going to be bad so I ran topless, sacrificing decency and modesty. You won’t find any links to the finish line video here! In reviewing this past week, I’m amazed at how close Tuesday’s run came to Sunday’s race. I really didn’t push hard at all Tuesday; it was just a moderate effort training run. I started out with about a 7:30 mile and just picked up the pace because it was a nice day. Sunday was a pretty hard race effort, but I ended up just a few seconds per mile faster.

Here’s the race breakdown:

Miles 1 to 3, Sugar Land Town Square to Palm Royale 6:29, 6:46, 6:48
I settled in behind a pretty experienced runner (RichF) who I knew better than to pass. After the first mile, he starts talking with another guy in red shorts and slows somewhat. My head is covered in sweat pretty quickly and I’m concerned I might be starting out too fast. I have no problem with the slower 2nd and 3rd miles.

Miles 3 to 8, First Palm Royale Loop 6:31, 6:32, 6:42, 6:33, 6:32
I’m still behind my two guys, but they pick up the pace when they hit Palm Royale. Palm Royale runs mostly east/west and heading out towards the east, the wind was pretty noticeable. Shortly after the turnaround, the guy in the red shorts says he’s going to drop back. I’m feeling OK and running relaxed and decide to stay in contact with RichF.

Miles 8 to 12, Second Palm Royale Loop 6:28, 13:08 (10 and 11), 6:42
When I rounded the corner for the second loop, I could feel the SE wind, so I decided to catch up to RichF to draft him. About halfway out, I was feeling pretty good and also a little guilty about drafting. I decided to pull my load and took the lead into the wind. We hit the 15K mat at about 1:01 and a half. I was discouraged that we were on pace for a 2:03 30K with this much effort. RichF pulled alongside just before the turnaround and we talked a little as we went with the wind. The traffic started getting thick as we encountered more runners on their first loop so I had to drop behind occasionally. I finally quit pulling alongside and by the end of the second loop I was over 15 seconds back.

Miles 12 to 16, Third Palm Royale Loop 5:58 (?), 7:37, 6:57, 6:59
I was on my own to run into the wind the third time. I didn’t look at my watch for the short mile 13 split and when I saw the 7:37 mile 14 split near the turnaround I was really disappointed. That was a big psychological blow. If I realized the previous split was short, I might have been in a little better mood the rest of the race. As I continued to work through traffic, I lost sight of anyone running their 3rd loop.

Miles 16 to 18.64, Palm Royale to Sugar Land Town Square 6:57, 7:00, 4:13 (6:35 pace)
Just as I exited the Palm Royale loop I was passed by another runner. I didn’t make any effort to stay with him and lost a little more distance as we went through a water stop. I could see three runners up ahead and occasionally a fourth and fifth (including RichF who slowed just a little in his second half but ended up passing three other runners). But I was just in a survival mode to keep going to the finish. I was able to pick up the pace a little as I entered the Town Square area. My legs felt pretty strong even at the end and I recovered pretty quickly once I stopped.

First 15K 1:01:24, Second 15K 1:03:28 for 2:04:53 This was my slowest 30K in six years, seven minutes slower than last year and eight minutes slower than 2005. This year's training compares favourably against the last two years. Even if I held on to the first half pace I still would have been way off my 2006 and 2005 times. I hope we have much colder weather for the marathon.

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kayry said...

Nice run KevinR - you ran a pretty controlled race - lots of slow times out there this year. I'm with you hoping for a cool January 13th.