Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Beautiful Day

I took another vacation day today and it couldn't have been a better day for running. There was a light frost this morning, but by noon it was near 60 degrees with a very light breeze and not a cloud in the deep blue sky. I ran my SeaCenter route to the Bottomlands Park and ran an extra 8 miles on the trails in the woods. The last four miles were at about 6:30 pace and the return trip past the SeaCenter was my fastest ever (13:12 for two miles plus about 20-30 seconds extra).

Runs like this make me think my training is working. Unfortunately, the weather for Sunday's 30K looks horrible. I can't find any more local races to run before the marathon. I hate going into the marathon with a goal 10 minutes faster than my warmup races predict.

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Wonderduck said...


Knowing you, you will race the 30K, but if you are interested a few of us will be running the first 8 or 10 at easy long pace and then finishing at goal marathon pace. I make sure to start slow so it forces me to give up any thought of racing. If I try to just run the whole race at marathon pace, I inevitably end up going substantially faster. You could run with us to begin and then go off at your faster goal marathon pace.

Anyway, an open invitation. See you on Sunday.