Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another 8-Miler Tuesday

The Pfitz schedule has 8 miles general aerobic today. I got out of bed a little late, so I had to push the pace to keep from being too late to work. I have to leave before 5:30 to make it to work on time and with garbage day on Tuesday, it's not easy to squeeze in an 8-miler.
I got out onto the street this morning at 3:53 so I knew I'd have to run faster than 7 minute miles to make it to work on time. There was another nice morning sky with Sirius already visible below Orion. Just after I started running, a very bright meteor caught my attention and I had enough time to look up and see it burn out in the northwest sky.
It was a little warmer this morning, just barely under 80°F. I ran two Dow-s with 13:50 going out, 13:39 coming back, 13:40 going out the second time, and 13:31 coming back home. I thought I'd run pretty well until I figured I was only averaging 6:50 miles. Obviously I can't run a 2:50 marathon with the dewpoint well into the 70s and I wasn't trying to run MP, but I was a little disappointed to realize I was 20 seconds a mile slower than 2:50 pace.
Tuesday's run next week is 10 miles with 4 at LT. That should be fun. Last year, I wasn't able to hit LT pace before work in the dark. This year I want to concentrate more on these runs. I'm going to have to push it pretty hard to make it to work on time.
The schedule has a 13 mile medium long run tomorrow. I'll split that one into a morning and evening run. I know two shorter runs won't give the same training benefit as a 13-miler, but I just can't wake up early enough to get 13 miles in before work.

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GB said...

Um 3:53 a.m.???? Okay, I have no fricken excuse not to get up at 6:00 a.m. and get my run finished.

Anyway, I know how you feel about not hitting your MGP and feeling down about it. But you know it will come. It's only week one of your marathon training! No worries!