Sunday, November 28, 2010

Houston Marathon Training Week 9

Here's my ninth week of training for Houston '11 (Half-Way):

74¾ miles for the week (November 22nd to 28th)

M AM: 6¾ at 8:37 mpm, 74ºF at 4AM
M PM: missed
Tu AM: 6¾ at 8:03 mpm, 74ºF at 4AM
Tu PM: missed
W AM: 11½ at 7:05 mpm, 73ºF at 3:30AM
W PM: missed
Th: 10 at 8:36 mpm, 79ºF at 1:30PM
F: 14 at 7:23 mpm, 51ºF at 4:30PM
Sa: 7¾ at 8:56 mpm, 53ºF at 5PM
Su: 18 at 7:20 mpm, 70ºF at 3PM

Some nasty warm and humid weather until a cold front blew in Thursday evening. My shoes went completely sweat-soaked Wednesday morning. I hadn't glued the insoles in place in my new Saucony Tangent 4 shoes, thinking I could get away with leaving them alone through the winter. But my shoes were so sweat-soaked Wednesday morning the insoles slipped and rolled up with three to four miles left in the run. They're glued in place now.

This was supposed to be an 85 mile week, with a 15-mile/4-mile double on Wednesday and 16 on Sunday with 12 miles at marathon pace. Even waking earlier than normal on Wednesday, I couldn't finish 15 miles before work. I also blew off the MP run today. I just didn't feel ready for that long at marathon pace on a warm day.

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Bert said...

Any week that has more than one '4AM' on it is impressive in my book... Overall your training is going very well & racking up the miles!