Monday, November 8, 2010

Missing Week 6

Here's my sixth week of training for Houston '11:

51¼ miles for the week (November 1st to 7th)

M AM: 5¾ at 8:38 mpm, 78ºF at 4AM
M PM: missed
Tu: 4¾ at 7:35 mpm, 78ºF to 66ºF at 4AM cut the run in half due to lightning
W AM: 6¾ at 7:15 mpm, 56ºF at 4AM
W PM: missed...reactor at the power plant tripped
Th: 5¾ at 8:24 mpm, 58ºF at 4AM
F: 6¾ at 7:27 mpm, 11 miles scheduled but this was all I could fit in before a 12-hour work day, 49ºF at 4AM
Sa: missed...worked another 12+ hour day at the power plant
Su: 21½ at 7:32 mpm, 68ºF to 67ºF from 1PM with the dewpoint near 50ºF

Between Tuesday's thunderstorm and working extra hours because of the power plant trip, this week was a real bust. 25K race coming up Sunday.

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