Friday, November 12, 2010


All of the time I spent at the power plant last weekend ended up worthless, as the problem worsened when the pump was restarted this week. So now I'm scheduled to work from 6 in the evening Saturday to 6:30 Sunday morning. Yes it's this Sunday, the day of the 25K race. After disappointing races in the 10-miler and the half marathon, I was hoping for a decent race with some cooler temperatures.
The weather forecast looks good with the temperature in the low 50s, light rain, and a moderate north-northeast wind.

If I leave the power plant in Matagorda County at 0630 Sunday morning, I'll arrive in downtown Houston over an hour after the 7AM race start. I might be able to leave earlier, but I doubt they will let me go before 5AM, giving me enough time to make it to the starting line before 7AM. If I work the full shift, it will just be a race to beat the crew disassembling the finish line.

If I were smart, I would just drive home and go to sleep Sunday morning.

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Bert said...

Hope you had a good run at the HMSA, despite the late start!