Monday, September 27, 2010

HARRA Cross Country Relay and Our First Cold Front

No, the cold front didn't come in time for the relay, but it did make it all the way to the coast this morning. 66 degrees at 4AM! The first 60 degree day was a little late this year, but at least it's still September. And the cooler weather is just in time for starting the 18-week Houston Marathon training plan.

The HARRA Cross Country relay is always a challenging race, with steep uphills and downhills along the bayou. My team did quite well, 2nd place in the Veterans category, second to another Tornado's team. I guess being placed on the second team isn't bad if you beat all of the other clubs (especially when your time was in the lower half of the second team). Here are a few pictures:

I was dripping so much sweat, the camera wouldn't work after this picture, so I missed getting a picture of my team's third and fourth runners. Here's a picture of the sombrero plaque:

Here are a couple pictures taken by Bert:

"El Tigre" SimC tears it up for the first Veteran's Tornado team (the fast one). Runing in this age group isn't getting any easier.


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