Monday, October 4, 2010

2011 Houston Marathon Training: Week 1 of 18

The 18-week training plan for Houston '11 started just in time with a cold front and another reinforcing cold front over the weekend. My biggest concern this week was not running too fast :)

66 miles for the week (September 27th to October 3rd)

M: 4¾ at 8:41 mpm, 67ºF at 4AM
Tu: 8 at 6:55 mpm, 62ºF at 4AM, running in the cool air felt so nice!
W AM: 7¼ at 7:05 mpm, 66ºF at 4AM
W PM: 5 at 6:42 mpm with the middle 3 at 6:22-6:20-6:13, 80ºF at 7PM
Th: 6¼ at 8:06 mpm, 70ºF at 4AM
F: 9 at 7:17 mpm, 83ºF at 10AM
Sa: 7¾ at 8:27 mpm, 79ºF at 11AM
Su: 18 at 7:32 mpm, 72ºF at 10AM

I usually start each marathon training period with a goal, but I have no idea what to shoot for this year. This has been a difficult Summer for me and I wonder if my old age precludes any chance of seeing a PR again. The Space City 10M race is rapidly approaching on 10/10/10. I was really worried about this one, but the faster pace running with the cooler temperatures this week, I'm a little more hopeful it won't be a complete disaster.

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