Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Am NOT a Morning Person

I am not a morning person. But with a work schedule that requires me to leave the house at 0530 and return home around 1900, I have to run early in the morning. I set alarms on my phone and my watch to help me wake and then to help me know how long I can run and still leave for work on time. The first wake-up alarm is 0345 on the phone. Then my watch alarms at 0348 to really get me out of bed. The watch also has alarms at 0430, warning me I have about 20 minutes left to run, a ten minute warning at 0440, an alarm at 0450 tells me I need to get home, and finally an alarm at 0500 warns me I need to be making my lunch. I have a second back-up alarm on the phone at 0445 to ensure I get out of bed in time to get to work if I miss a run.

I woke up this morning to the 0348 watch alarm and the sound of heavy rain. Assuming I missed the phone alarm, I staggered out of bed and checked the weather radar on the computer. Despite being in the path of nothing but orange and yellow returns, I decided to suck it up and run through the downpour. My street was flooded from curb to curb in some areas, but I splashed along. I ran about two and a half miles when the 0430 watch alarm sounded, so I figured I could push the pace a little and complete 5.75 miles. The rain stopped for a little while and I was close to four miles when the 0440 alarm went off. I was surprised I hadn't seen a single car yet. I guessed I was the only one foolish enough to get out and brave the rain. The rain started up again and I made it home a little after the 0450 alarm. I was pushing the clock on a garbage day, but I was happy to finish a decent run.

I had to hurry to clean out the litter box and get all of the garbage bagged. I dragged the garabage bag out into the torrential downpour and set it on the curb just as the last 0500 watch alarm sounded. I hurried inside to start making my lunch and turned on the TV to check the news. The local station was running a decent world news story...very odd....something's wrong. I flipped the channel over to 2 to check Jennifer's traffic report. But channel 2 had a national news story...uh oh. I looked at the oven...the clock showed a little after 4AM.

I'd figured out a way to shift my watch over to Eastern Time Zone while sleeping and I'd just spent the last hour or so running in the rain at three in the morning. No wonder I didn't see any cars.

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