Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Bad for #13

13th Houston Marathon; 20th Marathon.

10k 0:41:02
Mile 9 - ? not sure why this one didn't register
Half 1:27:08
30k 2:04:02
Marathon 2:57:37
Start Time Offset 00:00:05
Pace 0:06:47
Overall 101
Gender 86
Div 3

I was able to maintain a 6:38 pace through the 30K but then slowed down quite a bit on Allen Parkway. It wasn't anything acute, just rubbery legs. The day was perfect; no excuses. I just couldn't pull it off.

Finish line picture by JohnA


ANGrunner said...

Great race Kevin,unbelievable pace. Have a good recovery

KG said...

Congrats on finishing #20 and congrats again for taking home the bronze in your division.

ZubenElGenubi said...

Kevin, I got to see you on the big screen at the finish and you looked great. Another Sub-3 finish and 3rd in your AG. Way to go!

Adrienne said...

Nice work! have a happy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin,

Re: the mile 9 timing - I'm assuming that's a mat on the other side of Montrose for the half marathoners (just a guess). Nice race - you'll be tough AG competition for me later on this year!

-Rob W.

Nuke Runner said...

Thanks all...I'm very happy with the sub-3 at 50 and the AG award. just keep getting faster. I don't think you'll have any problem with me anymore.