Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not Again

2009 has been a frustrating year. In March, just as I was finally recovered from the marathon and ran a decent 8K race, my left knee started bothering me. I took a few weeks off, and struggled through the Summer to slowly build back up. Wednesday evening I ran five miles on the track and was feeling good. The first mile was a 6:53 and I slowly sped up to a 6:32 fourth mile. I was still feeling good and sped up to 6:00 pace for the last mile. But on the first turn of the third lap I felt a momentary pain in my right ankle. The pain came back a few more times on each curve. I debated immediately stopping, but slowed a little and finished the fifth mile in 6:22. After walking about thirty yards, my ankle tightened up and walking remained difficult every step. I'm suspecting I did something to my Achilles tendon. There's no swelling but it it still hurt some Thursday morning. I had to do a pressure test walkdown at the power plant, but thankfully my ankle quit hurting the more I walked. I was considering running Friday, but the ankle was still a little tender walking.
I can't believe this year. Whenever I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it ends up being a train.

I heard about this video clip from Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me this morning:

"And he doesn't run very fast"
I love it.

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