Monday, September 14, 2009

18 Weeks to GO!

Ready or not, the 18-week Houston Marathon training has begun. I haven't had a convincing recovery from hurting my right ankle back on Wednesday evening at the beginning of the month. I was desperate so I tried running in compression socks to help ease the stress on my Achilles tendon. I always thought Paula Radcliffe was silly in her compression socks and I'm not sure they really help at all. But at this point I'm willing to take advantage of anything I can, even if it is just a placebo effect. I ran a decent 8+ miler Friday, my first non-recovery pace run since that Wednesday the 2nd. So far the AT is OK. I certainly have max'ed out on the geek quotient though:

There's still plenty of time before the marathon. I've been considering taking some time off and starting fresh. But I just sent in my entry for the Space City 10-Miler. With only four weeks to go, that race is my biggest concern now.

The alligators at work have been loving this recent rain. Here's a picture of a 'gator party along the sidewalk between our office building and the power plant:

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