Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer Are Over

It's been a difficult Summer, but it's finally cooling down here. It was 73°F this morning with a little ground fog and it felt wonderful. This was the coolest running conditions I've seen for over three months, or 104 days to be exact. The moon was out and Orion and Sirius were both visible in the East. I've used the constellation Orion as a signal that it's time to get serious about training for the Houston Marathon. Orion will be out each morning as the training gets intense, and by January when it's time to start tapering, Orion will be walking on the edge of the western horizon.

Summer '09 really was a bad one. Here are the data for Clute (June, July, and August):

Average Daily Low Temperature 81.0°F
Median Daily Low Temperature 82.1°F
Average Daily High Temperature 91.0°F
Median Daily High Temperature 91.2°F

Average Daily Low Temperature 79.8°F
Median Daily Low Temperature 79.0°F
Average Daily High Temperature 89.9°F
Median Daily High Temperature 90.0°F

Average Daily Low Temperature 81.3°F
Median Daily Low Temperature 81.7°F
Average Daily High Temperature 90.4°F
Median Daily High Temperature 90.6°F

Average Daily Low Temperature 77.4°F
Median Daily Low Temperature 77.0°F
Average Daily High Temperature 87.5°F
Median Daily High Temperature 88.0°F

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