Monday, December 8, 2008

Week 12

Houston Marathon Training Week 12
78¾ miles for the week (December 1st to December 7th)

M – 9 miles recovery run, average pace 8:14 mpm, 55°F at 10AM, vacation day [SeaC/SSTrail-2M/SeaC]
Tu - 5¾ miles general aerobic, average pace 7:11 mpm, 40°F at 4AM [Dow/BS]
W – 15 miles, average pace 7:12 mpm, 77°F at 10AM, vacation day [SeaC/SSTrail-4x2M/SeaC]
Th – 9 miles recovery run, average pace 8:25 mpm, 52°F at Noon, vacation day [SeaC/SSTrail-2M/SeaC]
F - 13 miles, average pace 6:51 mpm, 48°F from 1PM, the last two miles were under 6:20 pace [SeaC/SSTrail-3x2M/SeaC]
Sa – 9 miles recovery run, average pace 8:26 mpm, 61°F at 1PM very nice sunny day [SeaC/SSTrail-2M/SeaC]
Su – 17 miles, average pace 7:05 mpm, 62°F to 59°F starting at 4PM, [SeaC/SSTrail-5x2M/SeaC]

I'd planned on running 20 miles Sunday, but the water supply pipe outside my house broke open Sunday morning. After a few trips to the home supply store, I was able to turn the water back on and squeeze in 17 miles before it got dark.
This wasn't a bad week. I was a able to run 15 miles on Wednesday at a decent pace despite a warm and humid day. Friday's 13 miler included a 13:01 SeaC return, my second fastest ever. And Sunday's 17-miler was also fairly quick despite having to squeeze it in at the last minute. I still haven't even signed up for Sunday's 30K race. I have no idea what I can do. The 30K has been very kind to me. I'm probably one of the only people in the Houston Area who enjoys running this race. I think the 1:57:07 (6:17 pace) in 2005 was one of my best races ever. I looked at my log from 2005 and I'm actually running the hard runs faster now than I was back then. But I can barely conceive running over 18 miles at 6:17 pace now. Sunday's forecast doesn't look very good, with a strong Gulf flow predicted. The 30K isn't very fun in those conditions.

Did anyone else see DianaH's time at the California International Marathon? Wow! What an awesome race!

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