Monday, December 15, 2008

Off Track Again: Week 13

Houston Marathon Training Week 13
29¾ miles for the week (December 8th to December 14th)

M – 9 miles recovery run, average pace 8:21 mpm, 71°F at 10:40AM, vacation day [SeaC/SSTrail-2M/SeaC]
Tu - 16 miles, average pace 7:25 mpm, 74°F and a strong Gulf breeze at 10:30AM, vacation day [Oak-OCD-SOaks-RR-Oak//SeaC/SSTrail/SeaC]
W – 4¾ miles recovery run, average pace 8:25 mpm, 39°F at 4AM and windy [Dow]
Th – missed
F - missed
Sa – missed
Su – missed

That's right, four missed days in a row. Just before my run on Thursday, we had to make an emergency trip to North Central Texas to work on our old house. I still own a house up in Glen Rose, near Texas's other nuclear power plant. We had a renter up until a couple months ago and now we're finally selling it. But the furnace wasn't working during Wednesday's big cold front (it was even colder up in Glen Rose). We went up Thursday to prevent the pipes from freezing and stayed through Sunday night. There was plenty of physical work but no running. I prefer living near Houston, but I still have fond memories of that old house and Glen Rose. It was difficult to work in an empty room that 18 to 23 years ago was overflowing with books. I would spend at least an hour every evening in that room reading to my kids before they would go to sleep. They were so different back then. I was different back then too.

That's my excuse for missing the 30K race. I think I've run every 30K since 1997 up until now. I'm still not sure how my my training is going. But I doubt I would have raced well yesterday with the warm and humid temperatures.

There are only three more solid marathon training weeks left. Sometimes I want to go out and run hard each week with mileage in the 90s and at other times I think it would be best to focus on a Spring marathon.

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