Monday, September 8, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend

After a warm, humid and sweaty Wednesday evening on the track, I woke to a nice cool (less than 80°F) and dry north wind Thursday morning. The cooler and much drier air stayed around all the way through Sunday morning. It was wonderful!
My only regret is I started my long run too late Sunday morning. Sunday had the lowest temperature in months, all the down to 71.4°F, but by the time I started my run the moister Gulf air was already heading inland. I was able to finish 13 miles at an acceptable pace, but I was hoping for 15.

This is the last week before the 18-week Houston Marathon training starts. I'm going to try using Pete Pfitzinger's 18-week 70+ miles per week plan from Advanced Marathoning.

Here's The Plan . I'm sure I'll have to make several changes to make it fit my crazy work schedule and to fit in the HARRA Fall Race Series. I think I'm ready to go, but I am worried about that first 17-miler on the 21st. Maybe we'll some even cooler temperatures by then? and Hurricane Ike will fizzle out before he reaches the Gulf?

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