Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Break

I'm back to running in South Texas. It's still warm and humid, the mosquitoes are horrendous, and Hurricane Gustav threatens to come up the Gulf. But there is light up ahead. The constellation Orion is up in the eastern sky during the morning runs before work. When Orion is up, it's time to start serious training for the Houston Marathon. As training progresses Orion will slowly walk his way across the sky, and by the time the marathon taper comes he'll be walking along the edge of the western horizon.

I really needed the summer break. Running in the heat every day was wearing me down. Now that I'm back, it's still hot and humid but September is only a few days away and that first cool front can't be much farther away. It might not come until October, but that's still close enough to have hope. Those four runs in the UK reminded me how much more enjoyable running is when the conditions are decent. I'm excited about starting another Fall racing series. Bring it on!

Here's the Sunday early morning run through London to Regent's Park and Hyde Park (11 1/4 miles, 57*F with occasional light mist):

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