Sunday, August 10, 2008

Busy, But Still Running (at least trying)

I've been much too busy the past couple of weeks. I spent the last week of July in Charleston, SC at a meeting of nuclear power plant service water engineers. It was a little cooler in Charleston, but only by a few degrees. I did have some nice runs through the historic streets and over the Cooper River Bridge. I have bad memories of the Charleston Weapons Base from my Navy days, but I was pleasantly surprised with downtown Charleston. It's a very walkable area filled with historic homes and churches.

I tried a medium long run this morning but crashed hard. I started at 7:40 with the sun shining and a pretty steady rain. The rain only lasted about a mile, but it was hard enough to soak my shoes. The clouds cleared pretty quickly and the sun warmed the air even quicker and the dewpoint shot up to the low 80s. From 8AM to 9AM the average temperature was 86.2*F. I ended up taking a survival shuffle home, cutting the run short to 9 miles. The last two miles were over 10 minutes per mile.


Go Annie said...

Hey KR,

We all have runs like that. At least I do. I'm looking to you as my virtual training buddy for our January marathons, so keep going! Of course, you'll be running a lot faster than me. So I'll be the one dragging behind!


Bert said...

I felt a bit like that (survival shuffle) this morning after 6 miles, including some short hill repeats. Just too hot and extremely humid around 8:30a. I think I vaguely remember the Cooper River Bridge from a visit to Charleston about 20 years ago... I do recall the downtown area being quite nice though.