Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Pretty Good Week

Days Since Last Run Below 70°F: 66 (May 16; Spring was very nice this year)

47½ miles for the week of July 14th through July 20th

M – sleep, 79°F at 4AM
Tu – 6¾ miles, average pace 7:08 mpm, 81°F at 4AM leaving wet shoe-prints in the kitchen after this run [Dow/2xBS]
W AM – 5 miles, average pace 7:32 mpm, 79°F at 4AM [Dow/Ol]
W PM – 5½ miles, 2x2400/400rec, overall average pace 6:58 mpm, 2400s in 9:11.8 and 9:00.1, felt nice to finish stronger, 85°F at 7PM [B’Wood]
Th – sleep again, 77°F at 4AM
F - 10 miles, 7:27 mpm average pace, 88°F starting at 9:30AM [SeaC/SSTrail-MBT-2M-MBT/SeaC]
Sa – 7½ miles, average pace 8:47, 83°F at 9:20AM [SeaC/SSTrail-MBT/SeaC]
Su – 12¾ miles, average pace of 7:34 mpm, started under the moon at 5:30AM, 80°F to 79°F [Dow/BS/SeaC/SSTrail/SeaC]

This was a pretty good week. I even woke early enough to run Sunday’s run at the coolest time of the day, finishing just after sunrise. I was surprised by how much those few degrees helped. It felt great to be limited by my legs instead of how hot my head feels. I enjoy running hard and burning my legs so much more than loping along on the edge of heat exhaustion. My legs are even still a little sore after this week. It feels so good!


Go Annie said...

Great run on Saturday! It's amazing how just running earlier in the morning has such a significant impact on your body. Shade is always my friend in the summer.

Ronster said...

Your mileage is very high quality considering the heat. Those are some fast race times you've got there.

Marathon Training said...

Question about you log... I am trying to use that template but the pages are not "talking" to eachother as far as the graphs go. also, what feature do you find the most helpfull?