Monday, September 29, 2008

HARRA Cross Country Relay

The HARRA/Tornado's Cross Country Relay was my first race since July 4th. I didn't hit the right button on my watch, so I have no idea how well I ran. I know I ran it hard, because I lost my lunch a couple minutes after I finished. But I have no idea how my time compares to previous years.
I was hoping to run the third leg, but "Indio" didn't arrive until after the race started. So Abelino took the first leg, I ran the second leg and Wilmer ran the third leg. "Indio" was able to run the fourth leg. I didn't arrive very early, so even with the second leg I only ran about a half mile before the race.

With the confusion at the start, our team left the starting line in dead last.

"Indio" charging up "Jaime Hill"

More "Jaime Hill" pictures

El Presidenté

The trail near the bayou had a thick deposit of fine loose sand.

The start/finish and exchange area.

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kayry said...

Nice race scoring 2nd Masters! You handily topped us by a minute-half or so.