Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday 400s

With even shorter races coming up, I tried running 400s for speedwork this week. On a fairly warm and humid evening, 76°F, I was hoping the 400s would be easier than the 800s or mile repeats I've doing lately. The workout was 8x400/200recoveries; I ended up with:
81.7, 78.9, 78.6, 76.6, 78.8, 79.3, 78.2, and 76.2

I thought this was a pretty tough workout until I read Lance's blog. Wow! No wonder why they're smoking me in all of the Spring races.

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Lance Collins said...


Your workout is every bit as tough as ours for one reason. You're doing it alone. I have two great guys (or at least one) every week out there working as a team to get the work out done. Doing 400s alone is herculean.