Sunday, April 20, 2008


Wish I was there. The Olympic trials, Monday's marathon, ....

Does Deena have long legs?

How about Joan Benoit Samuelson? A new American Record for women over 50. Her 2:49:08 at almost age 51 age grades to 95.7%, a 2:21:24, just a couple of seconds off of her 2:21:21 PR in 1985!

Pictures from The Boston Globe online.

What an incredible race by Tera Moody. After qualifying in the heat of last year's Chicago marathon, she ran a 2:33:54 13 minute PR for fifth place, just getting edged out at the finish by Zoila Gomez. They were both close at the Aramco Houston Half this year. Tera ran a 1:13:03 for 7th and Zoila ran a 1:13:09 for 9th.

Here's another great set of pictures by Sean Hartnett.

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