Monday, March 17, 2008

Still in the 180s

50 miles for the week of March 10th through March 16th

M – 4¾ miles, recovery run, average pace 8:26 mpm, 65°F at 4AM [Dow]
Tu – 5¼ miles, average pace 6:42 mpm, half mile warmp, then the Dow- 2 miles hard in 13:08, ¾ mile recovery, and then the Dow- 2 miles return hard in 12:35, 55°F at 4AM [Ol/Dow-]
W – 6¾ miles, with 5x800/400 recoveries, average pace 7:05 mpm, 800s in 2:50.7, 2:53.8, 2:49.6, 2:49.2, and 2:46.4, 64°F at 7PM with a SSE wind [B’Wood track]
Th –4¾ miles, recovery run, average pace 8:24 mpm, 64°F at 4AM [Dow]
F - 9 miles, general aerobic, average pace 7:06 mpm, 76°F at 2PM sunny with a strong SW wind [SeaC/NTrail-MBTrail-2M/SeaC]
Sa – 7½ miles at an average 8:09 mpm pace, sunny and nice, 82°F at 11AM [SeaC/NTrail-MBTrail/SeaC]
Su – 12 miles average pace of 7:17 mpm, overcast, very windy and humid 69°F from 10:30AM [SeaC/NTrail- MBTrail-2M MBTrail -2M /SeaC]

My weight is still high in the 180s. I’m not sure how to train for these shorter races. My mileage is way down from the marathon training, but my intensity is also down. The goal for the next couple of weeks before the 8K is to get my weight back down below 180.

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