Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Near Perfect Morning but a Mediocre Run

The weather was nearly perfect this morning: nice and cool in the upper 50s with just a light breeze from the Gulf. The waning moon was providing plenty of light but there were still plenty of stars with both dippers easily visible to the north. The street lights have been out at the Dow Nature Preserve, providing a chance to see a really strong moon-shadow running alongside me.

I ran my Tuesday tempo run: 5¾ miles, average pace 6:54 mpm, half mile warmp, then the Dow- 2 miles hard in 13:01, a ¾ mile recovery, then the Dow- 2 miles return hard in 12:47, and finally a half mile recovery. My left Achilles felt a little tender at the beginning and I held back some on the first mile. The return 2 miles weren't too bad, but 6:24 pace still doesn't seem that good for a tempo run. With the 8K, the Bellaire 5K and the LP run coming up in the next couple of weeks, at least I'll have a few chances to turn things around.


Mir said...

Sorry the run didn't match the weather. I hate it when that happens...it feels like a waste somehow. Hopefully it was just one of those off days though.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

I can only dream of weather like that!!! We still have SNOW here.
I guess you gotta have a bad run every now and then, it makes the good ones even better:)